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Parent Testimonials

"Erin Glowe has been a wonderful speech therapist to my daughter Lilly. For the past year, she has helped Lilly improve her language skills. This includes articulation, new vocabulary (from 75 words to 300+ in one year), sentence construction, and overall enthusiasm for speech and communication. She is patient, kind, innovative and knowledgeable about her field. She always has new tools (toys and books) with her to keep her students motivated. We highly recommend her services."
~ Lydia

"Erin was my son’s speech therapist for 8 months. She exhibited impeccable work ethic and dedication to her job. She gave informal assessments periodically, and feedback after each session. Every activity/toy she used had a specific purpose towards aiding my son overcome specific challenges in his speech. She wrote measurable goals that included mine, and worked very hard in helping my son reach these goals. In addition, she gave me recommendations on how I can help my son speak. Being a mother of three and Ricky being the youngest, I thought talking to my child was enough in helping my son speak and making sure my older children did not speak for my son. Having my son receive speech therapy allowed me to learn various techniques on how to help my son. Because of the work Erin did, my son Ricky went from saying "ma" and "da" to using 4 to 5 word phrases in just 8 months."
~ Samantha

"Tyler went from not speaking to now being able to say "papa," "mama," "dada," "baba" and so on. I truly believe this wouldn't have been possible without her. Tyler is making this amazing progress because of Ms. Glowe’s love and dedication to her students and her profession."
~ Rocio

"Our son has been taught by Erin for about 8 months, and the progress has been amazing. He started with just a 3 word vocabulary and he now uses 3 word sentences. Erin is kind, patient and cares about the child as a whole, not just the speech aspect."
~ Parent


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